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Information Security Presentation Samples

This section provides a series of presentations that cover emerging security risks and topics of interest. Your organization can use and tailor these presentation samples to support ongoing security awareness and training efforts.

Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation Overview.
Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation - Comprehensive information security control and risk assessment guidance for the enterprise demystified. This presentation was offered at the Kentuckiana ISSA [1] Fourth Annual Louisville Metro InfoSec [2] on October 10, 2006 in Louisville Kentucky.

Personal Privacy - Identity protection in this wired world.
With so much press alarming us about the latest corporate or government security breach compromising thousands of peoples personal data, it is getting harder not to feel as if our own identity is on the block. We will examine some strategies of self defense. We will also examine corporate implications and how the two are very much intertwined.

Best Practices Security Incident Response Program
This presentation on the developing a Best Practices Security Incident Response Program covers Incident Response fundamentals, key processes, roles, and operational best practices.

Executive Management Awareness
This presentation on executive management awareness covers security and business risks, anatomy of an attack, and a security risk discussion exercise.

802.11 Wireless
This presentation on 802.11 Wireless covers the risks of wireless local area networks (WLANs), the main features of WLANs, common assessment tools, and network architecture best practices for improving wireless security.

Getting Windows 2000 Security Right
This presentation on Windows 2000 Security covers the complexity and design goals of Windows 2000, "Top 5" new security features, "Top 5" security exposures, and best practices recommendations.

Sample Application Development Presentation
This presentation on secure application development covers real life examples of attacks, common security pitfalls, recommendations for secure application development, authentication, testing and quality assurance, as well as available tools and reference materials.

Network Infrastructure
This presentation on network infrastructure security covers infrastructure goals, security requirements for network infrastructure components, key security processes, and router security.

Protecting Web-Based Applications
This presentation on protecting Web-based applications covers security risks, vulnerabilities, and the best practice approach for protecting Web-based applications.

Sustainable Risk Reduction Through Information Security Process
This presentation on sustainable risk reduction through Information Security process covers critical issues, risk reduction, vulnerabilities, as well as process management tools, resources, and capabilities.

Vulnerability Management
This presentation on vulnerability management covers vulnerability overview, SANS Institute/FBI "Top 20" vulnerabilities, best practice vulnerability management program, as well as vulnerability management tools, resources, and services.

Security Best Practices and Addressing Regulatory Mandates
This presentation on developing best practice policies to meet regulatory mandates covers the need for security policies, standards and regulations, best practices policy framework, Command Center resources and benefits, as well as precepts of developing sound policies.

The HIPAA Security and the Risk Dilemma
This presentation on HIPAA covers the Final HIPAA Security Standard, reviews the HIPAA Security Standard relative to degree of difficulty/cost and outlines HIPAA security compliance best practices.

Selling Security: The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Federal Regulations
This presentation covers the impact that Federal Regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, have on selling security. Key points include business impact contexts, vertical regulations, and making relevant business cases for security.