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White Papers

  1. Getting it Right in Records Management
  2. Why you need an intelligent file transfer solution.
  3. 10 Benefits of Email Filing
  4. Manage Document Metadata
  5. 10 proven tips for working around the shortcomings of word’s trac...
  6. 10 Proven Tips to Minimize Document Metadata in Microsoft Word
  7. 10 tips to demystifying the most powerful feature in microsoft wo...
  8. 2009 electronic records management survey - call for sustainable ...
  9. 5 Steps for Gathering Electronic Data Effectively
  10. 5 Steps to Compliance: Building an Automated Data Map
  11. 5 Ways to Make Your Law Office More Profitable
  12. A business case for an integrated legal hold and discovery manage...
  13. A Guide to Leveraging Your Financial Software
  14. A Project Management Approach to eDiscovery
  15. Accelerating Review with Microclustering
  16. Active Management to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Complex Matters
  17. Amazon Web Services Security White Paper
  18. An impartial treatise on using google apps as a replacement for m...
  19. Applied Discovery Data Security & Privacy
  20. Applied Discovery Powered by Qwest CyberCenter® Hosting Services
  21. Assured records management: establish and maintain a new level of...
  22. Authenticity: The Gateway to Admissability
  23. Avoid that feeling of uncertainty: the power to reduce the risk a...
  24. Avoid the Run-Around: Smarter Facilities Management in Law Firms
  25. Backup and Recovery Challenges with SharePoint
  26. Balancing productivity & compliance in a professional services fi...
  27. Best Practices for Legal Hold Processes
  28. Best Practices in Legal Cost Containment
  29. Beyond the buzz: measuring and managing ediscovery with early cas...
  30. Bringing Email Filing to Business
  31. Case Study: Vertica Chooses Sonian's Hosted Email Archiving
  32. Case Study: Workspace Extender for Bass Berry
  33. Catalyst Concept Search
  34. Categorization’s Critical Role in KM
  35. Choosing media to transport data: factors to consider in comparin...
  36. Collecting Data in the EU
  37. Compliance requirements assessment: ibm db2 records manager and r...
  38. Complying with sec enforcement guidelines in 2009: best practices...
  39. Considerations for Selecting a Form of Production
  40. Consolidating edd workflow with next-generation software: new sof...
  41. Consumer's Guide to Managed IT Services
  42. Cost Control for your Software Assets
  43. Cutting information management costs through automated categoriza...
  44. Data Recovery Performed Remotely
  45. Defending the Accuracy of Phonetic Search White Paper
  46. Designing and implementing a document review and production strat...
  47. Disk Manager
  48. Divide & conquer: overcoming computer forensic backlog through di...
  49. DocuLex Does Justice to Law Firm Document Conversion
  50. Document capture, routing and management for the legal, healthcar...
  51. Document Retention and Records Management
  52. DTE Axiom - Making Time Entry Profitable.
  53. E-billing in Europe and the Impact of VAT
  54. E-billing on Demand: Is Your Firm Ready
  55. E-Discovery Considerations for Lotus Notes Domino Organizations
  56. e-Discovery Defusing the Audio Content Time Bomb White Paper
  57. E-Discovery: Dealing with an Avalanche of Data
  58. Ediscovery and ecm--natural partners in content lifecycle managem...
  59. eDiscovery Risks for Corporate Counsel: Whitepaper and webcast
  60. Effective data mapping: a holistic approach to integrating legal,...
  61. Email and IM Prep for your Next Regulatory Audit
  62. Email Archiving and Email Filing - What's the Difference?
  63. Email Lifecycle Management (ILTA White Paper July 2009)
  64. Email Management in Today's Regulatory Environment
  65. Email Recovery: Doing More with Less
  66. Embed Revenue Assurance into Your Timekeeping Process
  67. Enterprise Fax Technology: Changing with the Times
  68. ESI Collections: Reducing Costs, Minimizing Risk
  69. Exhibitview, powerful presentation management software. comparing...
  70. FAQs Litigation Support in Asia
  71. Finding Information: Intelligent Retrieval and Categorization
  72. Five steps to overcome common Legal Hold mistakes
  73. Five Steps to Successfully Leverage Managed IT Services
  74. Foreign Privacy Laws vs. U.S. Discovery Obligations
  75. Ftc second requests: leveraging technology resources for effectiv...
  76. Globalizing your corporate legal department - 25 things you shoul...
  77. Growing Firm Upgrades Financial System
  78. How Many Pages in a Gigabyte?
  79. How to Avoid Sanctions When Sailing the Sea of Data
  80. Ibm filenet records manager - cost effective electronic records m...
  81. iCreate/iRedline Case Study Published
  82. Inappropriate digital imagery - a perspective on defences and int...
  83. Information governance: a core requirement for the global enterpr...
  84. Information Risk Guide
  85. Integrating Time and Billing Saves Money
  86. Introduction to Audio eDiscovery White Paper
  87. Introduction to Cost Containment Strategies
  88. Introduction to Requesting and Collecting Audio Data
  89. IT Cost Savings Testimonials
  90. IT Governance in an IBM Lotus Software Environment - White Paper
  91. Law Firm Implements Esquire's iCreate for Document Automation
  92. Legal communities: collaboration and social networking for practi...
  93. Legal grc: creating a holistic approach to legal governance, risk...
  94. Making "try vs. settle" decisions through evidence lifecycle mana...
  95. Making Law Firms Mergers Work: Six Ingredients to Happy Marriage
  96. Managing Records Across the Enterprise
  97. Managing Retention with Mimosa NearPoint
  98. Managing your Metadata - by Judye Carter Reynolds
  99. Mastering Metadata
  100. Meet the Content Tsunami Head On
  101. Messaging, Compliance, and Archiving
  102. Navigating the vendor proposal process: best practices for the se...
  103. New Metadata in Office 2007 - By Randall Farrar July 2009
  104. No database limits: index-based distributed architecture for liti...
  105. No Paper Weight – ROI Assessment
  106. Omega Legal: Zero to ROI in 30 Days
  107. Osterman Research: The Concise Guide to eDiscovery
  108. Partnering with law firms through effective use of the matter man...
  109. PDF redaction: what every attorney should know
  110. Pre-Discovery Analytics: Early Assessment and Pre-Meet & Confer
  111. Prepare for E-Discovery in Four Easy Steps
  112. Preserving Chain of Custody in E-Discovery
  113. Putting the "Business" Back in New Business Intake
  114. Quick Guide to Copying Client Data
  115. Recovering Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server Data
  116. Reducing the Cost of eDiscovery in Today’s Economic Climate
  117. Reducing the risk and cost of international and multi-lingual edi...
  118. Scalability in the Genifax Enterprise Network Fax Solution
  119. Search Powered Compliance
  120. Search Solutions That Business Users Expect
  121. SMB Buyer’s Guide to VoIP
  122. Software Asset Management: A Key to Infrastructure Optimization
  123. Standardizing explorer folder tree file management into a documen...
  124. Strategies for PST File Elimination
  125. Take control of sharepoint proliferation with unified recovery, r...
  126. The case for dictation: improved roi, security, client service, w...
  127. The Data Recovery Solution
  128. The eternal charter: improving corporate governance through compl...
  129. The Growing Importance of E-Discovery on Your Business
  130. The Impact of the New FRCP Rules on Your Business
  131. the Legal Hold Solution
  132. The Legality of Digital Image Copies of Paper Records
  133. The new age of compliance: preparing your organization for a new ...
  134. The Real Value of SAM
  135. The Rules of Digital Evidence and AccessData Technology
  136. The Sedona conference glossary for e-discovery and digital information
  137. The True Cost of Information Risk
  138. Top Ten IT Strategies during the Recession
  139. Transforming the law firm: the impact of technology on law firms ...
  140. Using Legal Spend Management to Ensure a Successful AFA Strategy
  141. Waste and The Paper Chase
  142. What is Discovery Analytics?
  143. Why Electronic Document Management
  144. Why encryption matters to Personal Injury Lawyers
  145. Why IT Operations Fail
  146. Without solid implementation a legal discovery plan is just a plan