Acquisition and Implementation:

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Illustration one of one.

1 Identify Automated Solutions
1.1 Definition and Maintenance of Business Functional and Technical Requirements
1.2 Risk Analysis Report
1.3 Feasibility Study and Formulation of Alternative Courses of Action
1.4 Requirements and Feasibility Decision and Approval

2 Acquire and Maintain Application Software
2.1 High-level Design
2.2 Detailed Design
2.3 Application Control and Auditability
2.4 Application Security and Availability
2.5 Configuration and Implementation of Acquired Application Software
2.6 Major Upgrades to Existing Systems
2.7 Development of Application Software
2.8 Software Quality Assurance
2.9 Applications Requirements Management
2.10 Application Software Maintenance

3 Acquire and Maintain Technology Infrastructure
3.1 Technological Infrastructure Acquisition Plan
3.2 Infrastructure Resource Protection and Availability
3.3 Infrastructure Maintenance
3.4 Feasibility Test Environment

4 Enable Operation and Use
4.1 Planning for Operational Solutions
4.2 Knowledge Transfer to Business Management
4.3 Knowledge Transfer to End Users
4.4 Knowledge Transfer to Operations and Support Staff

5 Procure IT Resources
5.1 Procurement Control
5.2 Supplier Contract Management
5.3 Supplier Selection
5.4 Software Acquisition
5.5 Acquisition of Development Resources
5.6 Acquisition of Infrastructure, Facilities and Related Services

6 Manage Changes
6.1 Change Standards and Procedures
6.2 Impact Assessment, Prioritization and Authorization
6.3 Emergency Changes
6.4 Change Status Tracking and Reporting
6.5 Change Closure and Documentation

7 Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes
7.1 Training
7.2 Test Plan
7.3 Implementation Plan
7.4 Test Environment
7.5 System and Data Conversion
7.6 Testing of Changes
7.7 Final Acceptance Test
7.8 Promotion to Production
7.9 Software Release
7.10 System Distribution
7.11 Recording and Tracking of Changes
7.12 Post-implementation Review

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