Sample Information Labeling Standard:

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Sample Asset Information Labeling Standard

This Information Labeling Standard builds on the objectives established in the Asset Identification and Classification Policy, and provides specific instructions and requirements for handling information assets. These instructions address handling requirements for printed, electronically stored, and electronically transmitted information.


All employees, contractors, part-time and temporary workers, and those employed by others to perform work on Company premises, or who have been granted access to Company information or systems, are covered by this standard and must comply with associated guidelines and procedures.

All Restricted, Confidential, and Internal Use Only information must be labeled or marked with the appropriate information classification designation. Such markings must appear on all manifestations of the information. Specific instructions and requirements for labeling information assets are provided in the Sample Information Labeling Standard.

Document Examples

Use these samples as a guide for your policy development. Fully customizable versions are available from The Policy Machine.