Information Security Management System

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An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is, as the name suggests, a system of management concerned with information security. The idiom arises primarily out of ISO/IEC 17799, a code of practice for information security management published by the International Organization for Standardization in 2000. ISO 17799 will eventually be revised and re-issued in the ISO 2700x suite.

The best known ISMS is ISO/IEC 27001, published by the ISO, complementary to ISO/IEC 17799 (developed from the original BS 7799-1). A system for certification against BS-7799-2:2002 is well established (But note that it is not possible to get ISO/IEC 17799 certified.)

ISM3 (pronounced ISM-cubed) is the only other ISMS that is accreditable. ISM3 was developed from ITIL, ISO 9001, CMM and ISO 27001 and Information Governance concepts. ISM3 can be used as a template to make ISO 9001 compliant information security management systems. While ISO 27001 is controls based, ISM3 is process based. ISM3 has process metrics included.

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