The Defense of a Computer Crime Case

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Scope, Purpose, Procedure

Definitions and Elements

Federal Laws

State Laws

Punishments and Penalties

Auxiliary Provisions

Preliminary Considerations and Procedures

Client Interview and Planning; Evaluating the Case

Fees and Costs

The Accusatory Proceeding

Proceedings Before Grand Jury

Proceedings by Way of Preliminary Hearing

Arraignment; Pleas; Continuance of Case

Investigating the Case

Preliminary Matters

Locating and Interviewing Witnesses

Examining Police Reports, Records, and Photographs

Investigating the Scene of Crime


Bargaining to Reduce the Charge

Preparing for Trial

Determining Defenses

Pretrial Motions

Trial Brief and Witnesses


Preliminary Tactics

Selecting the Jury

Motions During Trial

Opening Statements

The Case for the Prosecution

Presenting the Defense

Defense Summation

Jury Instructions

Proceedings After Trial