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  • National Institute of Standards and Technology — Use of Electronic Data Interchange to Create Valid Obligations, file B-245714 ( Comptroller Gen'l, 1991).
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  • ...electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another computer system, i.e. from one trading ...with appropriate EDI messages. It also refers specifically to a family of standards.
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  • ...d, or to protect the recipient against false denial by the sender that the data has been sent. [[16]] Thus, a nonrepudiation service provides evidence to p ...cally related "keys;" one for creating a digital signature or transforming data into a seemingly unintelligible form, and another key for verifying a digit
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  • ...ive Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for provid care system by encouraging the widespread use of [[electronic data interchange]] in the U.S. health care system.
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  • Pre-established standards or requirements a product or project must meet. ...ity from which the information is gathered or extracted by means of direct data feeds or screen scraping.
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