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  • '''BS 7799''' was a standard originally published by British Standards Institution (BSI) in 1995. It was written by the United Kingdom Government' ...n revised in June 2005 and finally incorporated in the ISO 27000 series of standards as [[ISO/IEC 27002]] in July 2007.
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  • ...f the version published in [[2000]], which was a word-for-word copy of the British Standard (BS) 7799-1:1999. *15: Compliance - ensuring conformance with information security policies, standards, laws and regulations
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  • '''BS 25999''' is the British Standards Institution (BSI)'s standard in the field of [[Business continuity planning ...s a Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard published by the British Standards Institution (BSI).
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  • ==Law in British Virgin Islands== ...suitable data protection legislation, based on internationally recognised standards, to be enacted in 2014.
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  • ...erwise unchanged) in 2007 to align with the other [[ISO/IEC 27000-series]] standards. # Compliance - ensuring conformance with [[information security policies]], standards, laws and regulations
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  • In December 2006, the British Standards Institution (BSI) released an independent standard for BCP — BS 25999-1. The 2008 book ''Exercising for Excellence'', published by The British Standards Institution identified three types of exercises that can be employed when t
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  • ...ies, economic or otherwise, to England, he or she can sue for libel in the British court system, where the standard of “libelous speech” is far lower. these activities or conduct will be invisibly regulated by the inherent standards of the community, in this case the internet “users.” And just as certa
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  • the mid 1990s. This wider adoption and awareness has led to a number of standards, including [[ISO 20000|ISO/IEC 20000]] which is an international standard c The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) has developed the
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  • ...rmation, many containing social security numbers. Poor corporate diligence standards which can result in data breaches include: ...onal information; except for the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia were provincial laws have been deemed substantially similar.
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  • ...sed to prosecute Yehuda Abraham for helping to arrange money transfers for British arms dealer Hermant Lakhani, who was arrested in August 2003 after being ca "Use of Technology Standards and Interoperable Databases With Machine-Readable, Tamper-Resistant Travel
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