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PO 6.5 Communication of IT Objectives and Direction

Control Objective:

Ensure that awareness and understanding of business and IT objectives and direction are communicated throughout the enterprise. The information communicated should encompass a clearly articulated mission, service objectives, security, internal controls, quality, code of ethics/conduct, policies and procedures, etc., and be included within a continuous communication program, supported by top management in action and words. Management should give specific attention to communicating IT security awareness and the message that IT security is everyone’s responsibility.


NIST SP 800-66
Control Exception
User Defined

Risk Association Control Activities:

1. Risk: Employees, including individuals with special security responsibilities (such as information security staff, systems administration staff, information asset owners, etc.) are not informed of or trained in their security responsibilities.
a. SOX.2.7.4: Controls provide reasonable assurance that employees are aware of their security responsibility and are able to respond appropriately to security incidents.

2. Risk: Critical Business Systems may be compromised as the result of the failure of IT security policies.
a. SOX.2.7.5: Controls provide reasonable assurance that IT security policies, procedures and standards have been documented, communicated to the appropriate individuals, and are enforced.

Implementation Guide:

Process Narrative
Insert a description of the process narration that is applicable to the existing control statement this narrative refers to.

Process Illustration
Insert a process diagram, flowchart or other visual representation here to illustrate the process narrative.


Control Commentary
Insert a description of the control that is applicable to the existing control statement this commentary refers to.

Control Exception Commentary
Insert a description of the control exception that is applicable to the existing control statement this commentary refers to.

Evidence Archive Location
Insert Evidence Description Here.

Control Status and Auditors Commentary
Describe the condition of the applicable control and its effectiveness. Set the color icon to a redlock.jpg, yellowlock.jpg or greenlock.jpg.


Remediation Plan
Insert remediation plan, applicability, or any information that indicates what needs to be done.

Supplemental Information:
ISO 17799 3.1 Information security policy.

ISO 17799 4.1 Information security infrastructure.

ISO 12.2 Reviews of security policy and technical compliance.

Implementation guidance
Insert guidance in this section if it helps to elaborate upon the subject matter. Examples of evidence that would help guide the end user is desirable.